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A comprehensive but incomplete list of M-L and MLM groups from around the world.
May 28, 2007, 4:42 am
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While trawling through the net I came across this interesting resource
collected by an individual of official/unofficial links to Marsist-Leninist
and Maoist groups from around the world

It is comprehensive but incomplete and some links are defunct

While you may be aware of many of them, the majority of them
seem new to me.

However one cannot ascertain if all the organizations
are genuine or fronts set up vested interests.

To translate non-English pages use:


Maoist International Movement

International Conference of Marxist-Leninist Parties and Organizations

Fax: ##49711997971

World People’s Resistance Movement


International League of Peoples’ Struggle

Communist Voice Magazine

Refuse and Resist

Tele: +12127135657

Single Spark Collective

International Council of Friendship and Solidarity with Soviet People

Coordination Committee of Maoist Parties & Organizations of South Asia

International Road-Building Brigades to Nepal

Antiimperialic Camp

Tele: +4369919206395

Red Flags

Commission Pour Un Secours Rouge International

Anti-I.N.D.F of South Korea

C.P Alliance

C.P of Portugal

Tele: +351217813800

Fax: +351217969824

Portugal Maoists

C.P of Swedish

Tele: +4631122631

C.P of Canada (M.L)“>

Tele: +15145221373

C.P Denmark (ML)

Tele: +4535352193

C.P of India (Maoist)

Tele: +919947276692

C.P of Iran (Maoist)“>

Fax: +49221170490221

C.P of Afghanistan

C.P of Nepal (Maoist)

Colombia Maoists

Cuba Official Web


Tele: +850333663169

Fax: +850333663169

DPRK Official Web

DPRK Publications

North Korean Books

DPRK Index Page



DPRK Info bank

South East Digital Library (Here you find Great Mao Tse Tung Revolutionary Works)

From Marx to Mao

Leninist Books


Juche Idea Group (U.K)

Arabic Committee to Support North Korea

Korean Central News Agency

Korean Computer Center –European Section

Korean Publications Exchange Association

Fax: +85023814632

Tele: +8502181118842

Korean News

Revolutionary People Liberationary Front of Turkey

People’s Liberation Party – Front of Turkey / People’s Revolutionary Vanguards

Turkey C.P (M.L.M)

Maoist C.P of Turkey

Turkey C.P (M.L)

Communist Labor Party of Turkey (Leninist)

Maoist C.P of Italy

Fax: +39994792086

Red Brigades

Italy Maoists

French Maoist

Communist Party of Yugoslavia

Maoist Revolution Group

Communist Workers and Peasants Party of Pakistan

People War Group“>

Peoples Revolution Group

Maoist Group

Afro-asiareport Group

Proletariat Group

Maoism in Europe Group

Pravda Group

Marxists’ Archive

Minju Joson (The Official Organ of North Korean Goverment )

N.Korea Studies

N.Korean Music


Our Nation Site

International Solidarity Forum of Nepal

Philippine Revolution Central

Tele: +63449242280

Tele: +639179776392

Fax: +6329395791

N.D.F of Philippine

Tele: +31302310431

Fax: +31847589930

R.C.P of Canada (Maoist)

Voice mail: +15144092444

R.C.P of USA (Maoist)

Tele: +17732274066

Fax: +17732274497

R.C Youth Brigade of U.S.A

R.C.P of Britain (M.L)“>

Tele: +448456441979

China Study Group (U.S.A)

Rebel Forums

Another World is Possible Forum

Mini Rebel Forum

Rodong Sinmun

Fax: +85047476008

Russian Stalinian Sites

Sino Korea

Songun Idea (U.K)

Songun Idea (USA)

Study Juche Idea

Fax: +81339813192

Support Revolution in Peru


Mobile: +4152525786

Fax: +4152527414

Communist Party of Peru

Maoist web site from Peru

Iraqi Marxist-Leninist Revolutionaries

Tongil Korea

C.P of Burma

C.P of Australia (M.L)

Australia Maoists

Red Army Fractionate of Germany (Disbanded)

M-L C.P of Germany (Maoist)

Red Army of Japan

Maoist C.P of Russia

Tele: +79505863

All Union Communist Party – Bolsheviks

All Union Communist Party – (Bolsheviks)

Communist Party of Spanea (reconstituted)

E.T.A Organization

Pyongyang Square

People’s Korea

Tele: +81368200103

Fax: +81338129571

Minjok Tongshin

Korea is One

Cuba News Agency

C.P of Cuba

Fax: +537556831

Tele: +5378605678

Revolutionary Communist Party of Palestine

Communist Workers Party of Tunis

Red Star ( site of Maoists of Morocco )

Democratic Basic Direction of Morocco

China Maoism:

Dazhai Town (A Town in China which still under the socialism till now)

Maoist Group (organization) in China – not secrete

SPARK (The Chinese Maoist Oppositions) – Secrete –

Peoples’ Revolutionary Front in Bolivia

Chili Maoists

Argentina Roja

Brazil Maoist

Tele/Fax: +552122566303

Tele: +552122209884

World Workers Party of U.S.A

Tele: +12126272994

Fax: +12126757869

Leftists Parties List

Marxism List

Workers Party of New Zeeland

Tele: +64274949865

C.S.M of Ireland

Revolutionary Republic Socialist Movement of Ireland

Tele: +44787138266

Maoist Belgium



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