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Explosions hit Maoist office in Kathmandu
May 31, 2007, 5:36 am
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The RSS’s hand is suspected to be behind this attack.

Explosions hit Maoist office in Kathmandu
Published: Thursday, 31 May, 2007, 01:40 AM Doha Time
KATHMANDU: A series of blasts hit the Maoist central office in Kathmandu, causing minor structural damage but no casualties, police said yesterday.
“Three improvised explosive devices exploded at the Maoist central office late on Tuesday night,” Superintendent of Police Dhak Bahadur Kari said. “The fourth device failed to go off.”

Police quoted witnesses as saying the explosive devices were thrown by unidentified people who fled after the blasts, which shattered the building’s windows.
Meanwhile, the Himalayan Times said an unidentified man claiming to be a member of a relatively new group, the Nepal Defence Army, had telephoned its offices and claimed responsibility for the attack.

Bajrang Dal terrorist training camp in Gujarat

“The caller claimed responsibility for the blast and vowed to continue such attacks,” the newspaper said. “He said the group supported continuation of the monarchy and acceptance of Hinduism as the official state religion.”

The blasts are the latest in a series of attacks carried out by the group, which has also targeted newspapers and political parties that it sees as supporting the Maoist cause and seeking to rid the country of its monarch.

During their 10-year insurgency, the Maoist former rebels carried out similar attacks, hitting government buildings and other targets at night and then melting away into the darkness.

Since laying down their arms and joining the government in April, Maoists have intensified their campaign to remove the king and declare the country a republic.
Analysts in the Nepalese capital said the blasts appeared to be designed more to send a warning to the Maoists, who until the beginning of 2006 were branded terrorists. – DPA

Gulf Times


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that’s unacceptable. Isn’t that a violation of the Peace Accords? The CPN-M should be allowed access to its weapons again so it can protect itself

Comment by LeftyHenry

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