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Will CM’s homestay stop widow auctions?
June 5, 2007, 3:30 pm
Filed under: Karnataka

Comrades many a time on this blog I have referred to the prevailing
barbarian social order in this country.

There are hundreds of such practices and prevailing social norms
and relations all over the country in which millions of people are enslaved.

Will CM’s homestay stop widow auctions?

TUMKUR: Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy, during his stay at Chikkanaikanahalli village of Naxal prone Pavagada taluk on June 3, will be in for a shock when he learns of the inhuman practice of auctioning widows that exists in the ‘Koracha’ community.

People of the community, who rear pigs for their living, have been leading a pathetic life in thatched huts with none of them literate. They begin rearing pigs right from childhood.

Given their poverty, if a woman’s husband dies, community leaders auction her within the community. Relatively well-todo of pig rearing lords from distant places specially from Andhra Pradesh take part in the bidding.

They pay the parents of her husband and take her away to engage her in rearing pigs. If the widow has enough money to pay the parents of her husband she can avoid being auctioned.

Alternatively, after the bidding she can pay the person who had bid for her and get herself freed and live independently Many such incidents still go unnoticed, sources said. In 2003 one such incident came to light in Pavagada town.

One Nagamma, a pig rearer who lost her husband, was pressured by the latter’s family to go with a person who bid for her. She neither had money to pay nor wanted to go with him. She lodged a complaint with the police who took action against the accused and set her free.

It is ignorance and poverty which give rise to such practices.



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