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Is this blog responsible for the death of Com Rajamouli ?
June 26, 2007, 2:59 am
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When I started this blog… I never in my wildest dreams
expected it to end in this manner…

Almost a year ago an independent website that
provided news on the Maoist Movement in India was blocked
by the Indian government.

It was then that I took a spontaneous decision to start a blog
to provide news and updates on the Maoist movement.
I thought I would be doing my bit to counter censorship in India.

And that is why we today have

If wasn’t blocked then this blog would
never have come into existence. I would have been content
reading their updates.

I even had a decent blog back then where I made cartoons called
Indiacorporatewatch but had to stop once I started
blogging at this address.

One of the primary motives of the naxalrevolution
blog was and still remains to counter the reactionary
naxalwatch blog and we did a very good job of it,
delivering far more superior content and balanced news.

But never did we imagine that this blog will be accessed by
maoists and not even in our wildest dreams did we imagine that
this blog might play a role in someone’s death..

Yes.. Shocking as it may sound… this blog seems to have
blood on its hands.. or rather its pages.. and it is oozing
out of the keyboard even as I type onto my hands…

Yesterday night when I was looking for the latest news about
Maoists on Google news.. I came across this news item and it
left me dazed for a couple of minutes…

Rajamouli’s body handed over to kin

ANANTAPUR: Dharmavaram police handed over the body of Sande Rajamouli, one of the topmost Naxalite leader, to his relatives.

Rajamouli’s brother Ravindra, Amaraveerula Bandhu Vargam Sangham State leaders Padmakumari and Suseela came to Dharmavaram.

DSP Sivaiah spoke to them and handed over the body to them. Mouli’s relatives alleged that he was killed in a fake encounter and demanded an inquiry.

It is learnt that the CDs seized from near the body of the slain Naxalite contained important information. The information included the letter written by Mouli’s wife Rajita to Maoist politburo member Lakshman and e-mail IDs and websites of Maoist leaders in the world.


It was the last paragraph that sent my head spinning.

Now let us re read and reconsider that bit of information that
I have highlighted in red more carefully..

It says that a CD containing the email ids and website addresses
of Maoist leaders of the world were found on his body.

Now before we jump to conclusions let us think rationally
and answer some questions that I think are important
and need to be asked and answered.

Let us also make some assumptions and consider some

What are the chances that this list was compiled by Comrade Rajamouli
who was underground by surfing random websites online on his own ?
A. Nil

What are the chances that the list was passed to him indirectly through
someone else?
A. 50-50

What are the chances that the person who may have passed the list he had was
the same as the one I posted here only a month back?
A. Very High

What are the chances that a man who was underground for 2 decades
successfully would be suddenly be intercepted by police and murdered?
A. Nil

What are the chances that the person who accessed this blog was
traced by the Intelligence Bureau which monitors visitors to this blog and all those who subscribe to it through email updates 24 X 7 , 365 days a year ?
A. Very High

What are the chances that the Intelligence Bureau monitored that person
who accessed this blog and eventually came to know about Com Rajamouli’s
whereabouts through him ?
A. Very High

What are the chances that some readers of this blog are still being monitored?
and the lives of several people are in danger all because somebody
for whom this blog was not meant for accessed it regularly ?
A. Moderate

What are the chances that my gut feeling which is saying
that this blog has played a part in this murder indirectly is true?
A. Very High

What are the Chances we will ever find out the truth?
A. Nil

What are the chances that I am going to continue this blog ?
A. 1%

What are the chances I am going to delete this blog?

A. 50-50

What are the chances that this post is just the delusion of a paranoid mind ?

A. I don’t really know !

This blog seems to have become an albatross that I have to carry around my neck for the rest of my life.



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By no maens you should hod yourself guilty.THis site is awesbite of the Maoist Movement on the whole and not of any organsiation.It has made ahistoric contributioand shopuld continue to do so.No site gives such news o the revolutionary Movement in INdia and it is agaet inspiration to adres.But for people like you how could information reach people.Your site has published such im[portant historical articles of India Maosim and world events.Just because ChanDramouli posessed a C.D is no evidence that your blog played a indirect ole in his adresses are anyway open and what he posesesses was open email adresses of leaders .You mean from the Peoples March website the Leaders or comrades can be caught or even from the Peruvian revolution’s red Sun website.9oe even the Bayan website of the Phillipines Revolution)YOU DO NOT BELONG TO ANY PATICULAR ORAGANSIATION NOR DOES YOUR BLOG SO HOW CAN YOU INFILTRATE THE UNDERGROUND STRUCTURE OF ANY GROUPING.
My heratiset condolences but o not hold your blog responsibele I feel you were in a depressed mind and wish you best of luck in staging a brave ressurecton.You should atleast make a C.D of your blog .Remember this is the 40 th anniversary year of the Naxalbari Uprising .Your bog is an avenue or promoting revolutnay history as well as present events.However you are tHe final judge

Comment by Harsh Thakor

I think you are stretching it too far. There are 1000’s of visitors to your blog. It is physically impossible for the agancies to track all of them.

Carry on the good work.

Comment by Anoop Saha

hope you won’t delete it…

Comment by athenadev

@Harsh thakor – Thank you comrade for your encouraging words.

I agree with what you say.. nonetheless I have to still figure out many things.,

I will not delete the blog and even if I delete this one in particular the mirror websites can still be accessed at

And I will even put up the whole archive for download like you said on a CD.

However I think I have considerably calmed down since the morning when I made this post.

@Anoop Saha
Comrade thank you for dropping by but one thing I must point out to… that in theory atleast it is possible to monitor all the visitors to a particular website…. more ever one doesn’t have to monitor the website.. by just monitoring the email ids which subscribe to this blog it might be possible to extract information from them… which could have led them to their victim…

We live in paranoid times and the establishment imagines reds to crawling all under the bed and I am sure the Maoists too check under their toilet seats everyday for the men in Khakhi..

Anything is possible in these times of paranoia..

Comrade thanks for dropping by..I won’t be deleting this blog at least for now.

Comment by Abhay

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